15 Essential Items Dog & Cat Owners Must Have

11 Essential Items That Every Dog Or Cat Owner Should Have

Congratulations, your a new Dog or Cat owner. Or maybe you've owned one or both of these animals your whole life. Regardless, the list of items that could increase the health, happiness & overall well being of your furry family member is almost endless. However there are certain items that not only hold a huge benefit to your pet, but can also help make the experience of being a pet owner as enjoyable and stress free as it should be. Some might even say that these are Essential Items that neither you nor your pet should be without. Some of these items can be found at your local pet store. While other more specific items can be found through our Online Store. How and where you choose to purchase these items is up to you, the important thing is that you have them when you need them. So without further hesitation, here is a list of 11 Essential Items that Every Dog or Cat Owner Should Have.

1.) Food

Now I know right now you're probably thinking Duhhh? Tell me something I didn't already know. However not every pet food is made equal and just like us, your dog or cat can be picky about what is on their plate. Also like us, certain types of foods don't always agree with our pets digestive system. Paying attention to how responsive your pet is to the foods your introducing to them can help to let you know a lot about their likes and dislikes come feeding time. After they've eaten if you do notice any abnormalities or unusual reactions to what they've consumed it's always good to consult a veterinarian about your pets diet. A good rule of thumb to remember when it comes to feeding is Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they require a diet of meat based proteins and animal fats in order for all of their body systems to function properly.  Dogs, on the other hand, are actually omnivores. An omnivore has a more flexible diet and can easily eat both meat and vegetables.

2.) Bowls or Platters To Eat From

Again I know, kind of going Captain Obvious with this one. But unless you feel like cleaning up your floors every time your pet eats. Having a designated bowl or dish for your pets to eat or drink from is definitely more convenient & in both of your best interest. Nowadays  there are a wide variety of different kinds of bowls for you to serve your pets favorite meal in. For instance some Specialized Feeding Bowls have attributes that can positively affect the digestive process. Some bowls may be easier to clean than others, & some may be more durable than others. Regardless which kind you choose to use. Having a designated feeding and drinking bowl is something that you're definitely going to want and need.

3.) Grooming Products

Let's be honest, I think we could all agree that we love our pets but could do without all of the excess loose hair that ends up on virtually every piece of furniture and item of clothing we own. Especially when the seasons change and the shedding really starts to ramp up. Regular grooming can help you gather and get rid of a lot of that loose hair before it inevitably ends up in all of those places you'd rather it not be. Bathing your Dog helps it maintain a healthy coat and skin. Brushing your cat helps it avoid getting and coughing up hairballs. Trimming their nails safely and accurately helps both dogs and cats with healthy foot structure and posture as well as irritation to skin and paws. There are a wide variety benefits to home grooming and a countless amount of Amazing Grooming Products to help with your furry family member's health and happiness. Remember, your pets hygiene is important. Having the right items to help with your pets hygiene is essential.

4.) Leash, Collar or Harness 


One thing that almost every dog owner finds out when they bring their new pooch home, is that dogs have a lot of energy. That being said it's important to make sure that your dog is getting an adequate amount of exercise on a pretty regular basis. Taking your dog out on a walk, jog or hike is something that can be enjoyable for both the pet and it's owner. A good leash collar or harness are important items to have when partaking in any of the previously mentioned activities. When it comes to taking your dog out for some exercise choosing between using a collar or a harness is completely up to the owner and their pet. As both collars and harnesses have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a collar is one of the most basic dog products available and good for keeping both ID and rabies tags around your dogs neck. Depending on your dogs size, collars may also give you better control and require less physical strength from you as your walking your dog. A harness may be more comfortable for your dog and can also help discourage pulling.  One thing that they do have in common though, is both will require some type of leash. Regardless of whether you prefer the collar or harness to go with your leash, having these items will come in handy when enjoying some quality outdoor time with your pet.

5.) Tags

It's not exactly uncommon for our furry friends to get a bit of a adventurous or independent side and cause them to venture out a little further than they are supposed to. Because this can happen from time to time, ID tags for your pet are definitely a must have. Proper pet ID can range from having multiple tags with very detailed information about you and your pet. To just one tag with just the most basic contact info on how to reach the owner. What and how much information you choose to put on the tags is completely up to you. However your pet should always have some sort of tags that will let people know who they belong to & how to get in contact with you or someone you trust. Having a missing pet is never fun. Knowing that your dog or cat has ID tags with accurate contact info, can alleviate a lot fear, anxiety or worry. Therefore helping them get back safe & sound to where they belong, with their family.

6.) Toys, Toys , Toys

For dogs and cats toys are hugely beneficial and a essential item for a multitude of reasons. Just like us, if left alone and in an idle state for too long our animals can start to become bored and in some cases even a little bit destructive. For this reason toys are a great items to have at home. Not only do they keep our furry little friends occupied, but they can also help satisfy some of their more primal instincts. As previously mentioned dogs have an abundant amount of energy, and can become bored rather easily. This can lead to them seeking attention through behavioral issues or even being a bit destructive. The right toy or the right Chew Toy, for your dog can help them channel that energy in the right direction. Hopefully saving your furniture from getting gnawed on and unnecessarily abused. For cats toys are a great source of entertainment. However Cat Toys can serve a different, but equally as important purpose. As domesticated as our felines may seem let's not forget that cats are natural hunters. Nowadays a pet cat is most likely given its food regularly by it's owner. Thus diminishing their hunt to survive instinct that was once so strong and essential with it's ancestors. However that does not mean that their desire to hunt does not still exist with our cats today. Cat Toys are a great way to meet that desire, entertain them, provide exercise, relieve stress and boredom all at the same time. Having toys available is great way to ensure good health & happiness for our pets. Your Dog, your cat and your furniture will all thank you for it.

7.) Bedding

Even though our pets will often find a place on the carpet or hard surface floor to take a quick snooze, a Comfortable Pet Bed is an important item to have for both dogs and cats. The first reason being the most obvious one, comfort. A soft place to sleep is always going to be a more comfortable place to rest their furry little head rather than a hard surface. Having a soft bed for dogs is especially important since in their more senior years they can be more prone to arthritis. Having a soft bed for your dog to sleep in at an early age can help reduce the risk of them developing this condition, or greatly reduce their discomfort if they should. Cats often tend to want to find a sleeping spot or spots that make them feel safe, secure and protected. A designated bed for your kitty can provide them this feeling. Putting their bed in a higher elevated location is all the better, since instinctually that is where they feel the safest. Lastly giving your pet a place that they can call their own will help give them a sense of home and comfort that we all deserve & want to feel. Your pet will love and appreciate you all the more for it. 

8.) Flea Preventatives

Your home should be your comfort space for both you and your pets. Few things can ruin that comfort level faster than your pet bringing home some unwanted guest and the next thing you know you've got a flea infestation brewing. It's extremely uncomfortable for pets and in time extremely uncomfortable for owners as well. Fortunately the solution to this problem is out there. Whether it's flea collars, flea drops, flea pills, carpet treatments or traps. There are many different ways to eradicate these pest from your home. Which treatment is best, is open to debate and comes down to a matter of preference. As a pet owner, before deciding which treatment to use I would recommend doing some research. Reading product reviews from previous customers can be very helpful. Some products may not produce result as well as they claim to and some products can tend to be a bit expensive depending on your budget. By doing a little bit of research you can avoid wasting time, energy and money. Your pets age can also be a significant factor when it comes to deciding what use. Not all treatments are safe to use on puppies or kittens. By doing some basic research you can avoid giving them something their young bodies can't handle and having to take an unexpected emergency trip to the vet. Bottom line, when your pet gets fleas its bad for everyone involved. Preventing this from happening is essential to maintaining a happy and comfortable home for both you and your furry family.

9.) Odor & Stain Removers

 As much as we love being close to our pets and feeling their unconditional love at some point they may start to put off a scent that is a little hard to handle. Whether that scent is coming off of their body or it's something they've left behind, good odor and stain removers are something that every pet owner is going to want to have readily available. Dogs and cats both have a tendency to want to mark their territory by urinating on items that they see as their own. Although they do this for different reasons the result is still the same. A smell that is almost impossible to ignore and equally as hard to get rid of. These scents can penetrate and linger wherever they are left, so it's important to neutralize the odor as quickly as possible. Not having some sort of cleaner/odor remover on hand can leave you having to run to the store to try to find something quick, and at that point it may be too late. That smell is there to stay for the foreseeable future. If caught in a pinch and there are no dedicated cleaning products on hand, baking soda and white vinegar can do wonders to help. However having a good enzyme cleaner on hand is a great way to go. Dogs tend to have a bit more body odor than cats and can tend to leave that smell wherever they have been. Giving them a bath in regular intervals can help alleviate that problem. However sometimes a dogs rear scent glands can become clogged and no matter how much you bathe them, they will secrete an odor that sticks to their fur and remains wherever they may lay. If this does happen I would recommend taking your dog to a professional groomer and having them take care of the problem. Surely they've dealt with the issue before and have treatment and techniques that will take the smell away for good. Pet odor is something that happens but it doesn't have to be something we live with. Having the right items available and knowing how to deal with the unwanted aroma will take a big problem and turn it into a minor issue quickly.

10.) Microchip

One of the biggest fears for many pet owners is that their pet may become lost or stolen. Although it doesn't serve as a tracking device, microchipping your pet can definitely increase the chances of your pet making it home safe and sound. Microchipping is a way to let an animal shelter or veterinarian know who your pet is, and whom they belong too. Even if your cat is an indoor cat and your dog never strays to far. Having a micro chip implanted on them can give an owner some piece of mind should their pet become uncharacteristically lost or missing. Microchipping is generally a painless procedure for your pet and can be done quick and easily at the local vets office. Studies have shown that a non chipped lost pet has about a 21% chance of making it home. Whereas a microchipped pet has about a 52% chance. Hopefully its an essential item that never needs to be used, but should you're pet go missing microchipping gives you and your pet much better chance at being reunited safely. 

11.) Pet Traveling Items

One of the best ways to build a bond between a pet and its owner is to travel together. Now this does mostly pertain to dog owners, but hey if your cat is up to it who's to say that felines can't be good traveling companions too. Traveling with your pet doesn't have to be a full on vacation or weekend getaway. It could just be a day or afternoon trip. Regardless of the duration of your trip, having some Pet Friendly Designated Travel Items to bring along is always a good idea. Since they haven't built any doggy bathrooms yet it's most likely that when your dog has to go it's going to happen wherever you may be. For this reason having some doggy poo bags and a pooper scooper is something that every dog walker should try to keep on hand. Don't leave your pooch's poop on the trail, it's just common courtesy. Having a way to give your dog fresh water and food while your out is also very important. Dogs require about 1 ounce of water for every pound that they weigh and can become dehydrated quickly if they are exerting more energy than usual and not drinking enough. Fortunately there are some Amazing Multi Function Pet Travel Products available that combine all of these necessities into one simple to use item. Harnesses, Toys, bedding and leashes are also all items that should be on the pet travel items checklist. An outing with your pet should be a stress free and enjoyable experience. Having designated travel items will help you ensure that it is.





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